Men’s 18 Hole League

Men’s 18 Hole League

By definition, the Men’s Club league is made up of players who are members of the Eagle Valley Men’s Club and have signed up and paid the appropriate fees for league play. League size limited to the first 6 teams in the 18-hole league.


All persons interested in playing in the Tuesday league must fill out a league application form and return it to Eagle Valley. Only one registration is necessary for each team. Current league teams will be given the opportunity to renew each season prior to the acceptance of new teams.

Renewal deadline for the upcoming season is April 1st. Following April 1st, new members will be accepted based on date of application.

League Format


Each team can be comprised of any number of players; however all players on each team must be a member of the men’s club.


16 weeks on Tuesday nights. League play will begin on Tuesday, May 5th, and end August 25th. Their will be no league play on June 30th.


Play will begin for 18 hole play at 3:20 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. Start times will rotate throughout the season.


We have made some changes to the league format for the upcoming season. Staff will be incorporating a two-team Ryder Cup format in addition to the normal league play you are familiar with. The 16 week league is broken down into a four week Ryder Cup Major Championship schedule and a ten week regular season that is capped off with two weeks of playoffs.