Our Women’s Open Golf is a great opprotunity to get together with friends for a round and to meet some new players. Every Wednesday we are setting aside a block of tee times for Women to come out and play in a casual and fun round of golf.


Sign up each week you would like to play and we will have some on course events and a fun game some weeks. Register as an indivual or a group and we will make pairings.

Our Women’s Open Golf will begins on Wednesday, June 6th.

18 Hole Tee Times (11:04 – 11:36) / 9 Hole Tee Times (4:00 – 6:32)

Chip In Game: SHerry Bahlert $47!

June 13th Low Putts

Shari Fink $24

Marjoirie Rosendahl $10.50

Jean Ackerman $10.50

June 27th 5 Mystery Holes

18 Hole – Suzie Tutko $24

9 Hole – Lindsey Huettl $40

9 Hole – Kathy Madden $20

July 11th Guess Your Score

18 Hole: Marilyn RIggins

9 Hole: Cathy White / Kathy Madden / Debbie Koehn

July 25th 3 Putts & You’re OUT

18 Hole: Jenny Britten

9 Hole: Jean Ackerman

August 22nd Low Putts

Shari Fink $18

Sherry Bahlert $19.50

Barb Johannes $19.50