City of Woodbury Goose Management Plan – 2023

Project Status: Implementation

Project Overview:

Currently the City is working to manage the goose population within the City Parks, Eagle Valley Golf Course, and City Hall areas specifically. However, the geographic extent of the Plan is City-wide so that in the future, if needed, residents can acquire a permit to manage geese in other locations where geese are causing property damage or other issues.

The goal of this plan is not to eliminate geese from the city, but to reduce actual or potential conflicts within the city. To meet this goal, the city will implement an integrated management approach including habitat and population management to reduce conflicts. This approach will focus on existing, or potential areas of conflicts, and identifying techniques that can be taken based on the type of conflict present. Annual records will be maintained to measure success of the strategies employed.


Woodbury has an extensive park system (61 parks) and approximately 175 miles of trails adding to its appeal for residents. Due to the extensive residential development, it has approximately 700 storm water holding ponds located throughout the city.

Canada geese occupy various areas of Woodbury throughout the year. Nesting occurs on and adjacent to lakes, marshes, and ponds within the city. Adults with newly hatched broods tend to loaf and feed in the areas that provide grassy lawn turf and open water bodies.

The predominance of storm water holding ponds adjacent to residential and commercial areas with maintained lawns provide excellent brood rearing habitat. By mid-summer geese tend to congregate in significant numbers at retail centers and golf courses.

Project Update:

The Minnesota DNR has reviewed the revised plan. The Parks and Natural Resources Commission (PNRC) was updated on the plan at their regular meeting on December 6, 2022.

The revised plan is available here. (link to Goose Management Plan)

In 2023, the City will apply for permits to conduct goose management techniques to ensure safe access to City resources and reduction of potential conflicts.

Important Documents:

Link to City of Woodbury Goose Management Plan

Informational Websites:

Geese – Minnesota DNR (
Homeowners’ Guide to Goose Problems (
Managing Canada Geese in Urban Environments, A Technical Guide (

Questions or comments can be directed to:

Josh Kinney, Parks Planner  651-414-3435

Project Schedule

March 7, 2023 Parks and Natural Resources Commission Approval of Plan

March 22, 2023 City Council Plan Approval

May 2023 – DNR Plan Approval

Summer 2023 – Implementation of Goose Management Techniques (Issue Based)